Urmieh appreciated Superpex innovations in 12th Construction Exhibition

فهرست مطالب

Superpex introduced so much of innovations in Urmieh’s 12th Construction Exhibition.

Asgar Salehitabar, Superpex Distributor in West Azerbaijan province believes that Superpex plumbing system has no other system close to it. He believes that despite the current recession in the construction industry, Superpex booth is visited by many builders and he has signed numerous new contracts during this event.

Mr. Salehitabar also added that he has never had any signages or advertisements, however, word of the mouth has always been the major drive for the customers to use Superpex products. “I strongly believe that Superpex is the market leader in this province” added Mr. Salehitabar.

Urumieh Construction fair was held from May 24 to 28, 2016.

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