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We started working with the aim of producing and promoting efficient installation systems

superpex started working in 1386 with the aim of producing and promoting efficient facility systems. For the first time, this company started the production of Pex-a smart pipes and PPSU super engineering fittings in Iran.
The polymer production department (including pex-a pipes and PPSU fittings) was moved to Ivanki Industrial Town in 1400.
The production process in this collection is based on the ISO9001 standard and the manufactured products are based on the manufacturing technology of Euponor (Virsbo, Sweden).
The business partners of superpex are among the most reputable companies in the world in the field of pipes and fittings, such as Euponor (Finland) and Tiemeh (Italy).
The policy of superpex company is to meet the facility needs of builders, engineers, and facility executives by producing a high quality, economical and simple implementation system.


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