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"producer of a new generation of plumbing and floor heating systems"

We started our production in 2006 with the aim of producing and promoting the new generation of engineered plumbing products. The increasing consumption of this system in Europe and North America, prompted us to start extensive research in order to localize the production know how to Iran.

The 35-year experience of the founders of this company in the field of plumbing systems made this company choose a complete and economical system for plumbing and floor heating systems with a very clear vision.
It should be mentioned that the previous experience of distributing the plumbing products of the Swedish company Wirsbo from year 2000, paved the way for the production of this product in Iran, and the first samples of Pex-a pipes were produced in 2006. Now, after about two decades of industrial production, Superpex pipes are produced in the highest quality in Iran and exported to the neighboring countries beside selling to Iranian high end customers.

As pipes are just one part of the wide range of this system, extensive research was done on other components, including necessary fittings. For the first time in Iran, SuperPex started the mass production of PPSU fittings; and these days it is the most experienced production company in Iran. It should be noted that the raw materials of this product are among the highest raw materials in the world and the high technical knowledge has resulted in the exceptional quality of these fittings. We are the only producer of PEX pipes from size 16 to 110 mm in the Asian continent, as well as PPSU and related brass fittings up to size 75 mm, which is an important indicator of the strength of Superpex in this regard.

Our products are produced based on ISO 9001 quality management system. Our pex-a pipes are produced according to ISO 15875 standard. The certificate issued by the Iranian Standard and Industrial Research Center as well as the Building and Housing Research Center also guarantees the high quality of this product to consumers.


Policy 1

Meeting the facility needs of builders, engineers and facilities operators by producing a quality, economical and simple system using advanced engineered polymers.

Policy 2

Obtaining maximum customer satisfaction and establishing long-term relationship and trust between the company and sales representatives

Policy 3

Benefiting from competent, satisfied and trained personnel to achieve the company's long-term goals


Upgrade to the level of the most reliable and reliable plumbing system in Iran