Superpex & NBN group visit from Tiemme and Pestan Companies

فهرست مطالب

On Sep. 10, 2017 a group of 10 distributors and specialists from NBN and Superpex Companies took a trip to Milan and Belgrade to visit two well known international companies.
Superpex & NBN group visit from Tiemme and Pestan Companies
Pestan as the first host for visitors made the necessary arrangements to visit their huge factory located in Arranjelovak in suburbs of Belgrade. Due to the vast area of the factory the visitors initially took a bus tour inside the factory followed by visiting some of the production and warehouse halls. The visitors also participated in a training workshop about Pestan’s new S-line push fit system. In addition, a discussion was arranged about the applications of the luxury Conflou Shower Drains. The guests were warmly accommodated in luxury Izvor Hotel in the neighbourhood of the factory.
The next host for the visitors was Tiemme Company, the leading Italian Company in the field of plunging and brass fittings and valves. Under a very well organized visit, the guests were taken to three different huge production plants in Brescia area. The highlights of Tiemme company was the visit from fully automated forging machines ( including their super-fast forging machines capable of producing about 250,000 pcs. of forged fittings), minimum umber of human presence in production plants ( most of the jobs were performed by robots), different export destinations including USA, and the precision online quality controls.
In a friendly meeting of the managers of NBN and Tiemme companies, Mr. Reza Khosravani ( CEO of NBN and Superpex) appreciated Mr. Gnutti ( CEO of Tiemme Company) for their sincere support during the 15 years of cooperation and also a memorandum flag was given as a reminder of this occasion.
In the last part of this trip, the visitors spent one day in Milan to see the beauties of this city including Duomo Church.
The group of visitors returned back to Iran on Sep. 17, 2017.

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