Superpex aims high in introducing advanced European push fit systems to Iranian market

فهرست مطالب

Superpex has aimed to provide a complete range of plumbing materials to Iranian market. It partners with internationally leading companies like Uponor and Tiemme, and recently negotiated with Pestan Co. to provide PP drainage push systems for Iranian market.

Following the business negotiations during MCE in Milan, Mr. Khosravani, CEO of NBN Company, had a two day visit from Pestan from May 19 to 20, 2016. In addition to orientation and factory visit, different meetings with marketing and management officials were planned. Both parties agreed to invest on mutual cooperation in Iranian emerging market.

Pestan is a leading company in the field of plastic manufacturing; mostly based on plumbing and waste water systems. This company has a long history of exporting to USA, EU, and also other countries around the world.

HTPP push fit is expected to be available in Iranian market from July 2016, and other products including the new “S-line” push fit is expected to follow later this year.
The visit was well planned. It was a pleasure to take a tour of the factory and see the recent advancements in a beautiful landscape of the city.

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