Large size Superpex pipes, an economic, efficient, and long lasting choice for risers

فهرست مطالب

The debate over the best alternative for steel pipes for risers has always been a matter of debate among plumbers engineers. The limitation of many companies in producing large size pipes, beside the problems with their connection has always been considered a big limitation for them.

Superpex has recently introduced the new Q&E connection to be used along with its large size pipes to ensure the projects that their risers could now have a reliable and economic choice for their riser system. Superpex pipes of up to 63mm diameter which are produced in Iran are in the price range of the steel pipes with the benefits of resistance against corrosion, freezing bursts, and also fouling of the risers.

In addition, Superpex is the unique company to do custom made pipes in the range of 1 meter to one kilometer in length, depending on the size. For example, a high rise project may order 100 pieces of 2.83m from 63mm pipe.

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